Cooperative Education (Co-op) Opportunities in Action

For Iroquois Falls Secondary School (IFSS) student Haili, she concludes her Co-op placement at The Enterprise, an Iroquois Falls based newspaper. Haili spent her first semester of the 2022-2023 school year exploring a career pathway in writing for this established publication. Within the pages of The Enterprise published on Thursday, December 22, Haili highlights the success of IFSS's annually hosted "Holiday Food Drive" on Page 9 and the impactful community-based initiative of the Purse project on Page 15, included below.
"Currently, we have 17 students enrolled within the Iroquois Falls Secondary School Co-op program," shares IFSS Principal Brian Forsythe. "Students are engaged in various industries and sectors, including pharmacy, auto-body, plumbing and heating, retail, aesthetics, optometry, teaching, and radio broadcasting. One of our students has received an offer to apprentice for the organization she completed her Co-op placement with following the completion of her studies this year," explains Brian. "Co-op is an incredible program for our students with a diverse range of in-person and virtual placements available throughout Iroquois Falls and surrounding communities."
The Co-op Program comprises classroom and work or community placement components. Before the work or community placement, students learn about basic health and safety, law and union information, workplace ethics, and human rights and confidentiality. The classroom component prepares students for work placement and emphasizes the skills needed to succeed.

Career and life planning is a focus of the program and helps students make the connection between school and the world of work. Students can also apply and further develop their knowledge and skills in the workplace.
To learn more about DSB1 Cooperative Education Program, visit the Cooperative Education page.